Juli 20, 2023

Horizon Europe iMERMAID project

iMERMAID is an EU-funded project that will develop, deploy and demonstrate advanced, innovative and reproducible solutions to prevent, monitor, and remedy toxic and persistent chemical pollution […]
Juli 20, 2023

Horizon Europe E-VOLVE Cluster

As of late 2022, we started to support a virtual Cluster called E-VOLVE (Electric Vehicle Optimized for Life, Value and Efficiency). This cluster is realizing and […]
Juli 20, 2023

Horizon Europe HighScape project

We are honored to announce that we are an official consortium member of the EU-funded project: HighScape – Reinventing high-performance power converters for heavy-duty electric transport. […]
Juli 19, 2023

Horizon Europe EM-TECH project

We are proud to announce that we are partner to the EU-funded project called “EM-TECH”. EM-TECH stands for “innovative e-motor technologies covering e-axles and e-corners vehicle […]